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Corus CAD Blood Test for Coronary Artery Disease

March 01, 2015

Louisiana's Health & Fitness Magazine  

Dr. Hector Ventura and Dr. Eiman Jahangir discuss how they are integrating this unique decision-making tool in their cardiology practices at Ochsner Medical Center. 

Innovative blood test helps prevent and detect Heart Disease

November 18, 2014

KESQ-TV & CBS Local 2, La Quinta, CA  

A new blood test can detect and prevent Heart Disease. In the United States, Heart Disease is the leading cause of death of all diseases in men and women. "My grandfather passed away from a heart attack," said patient, Theresa Miller. "I had an uncle who also passed away at a young age from a heart attack. My father had heart disease that was diagnosed at a relatively young age in his 40s."

CardioDx Shares Data from Utility Study Highlighting Benefits for African-American Population

October 22, 2014


Results of a single-center retrospective study demonstrate the benefits of using the Corus CAD test in an African American population. By ruling out obstructive CAD early in the work-up, the Corus CAD test was able to help clinicians avoid unnecessary referrals to cardiology or advanced cardiac testing when their patient’s symptoms were due to non-cardiac causes.

Prospective Study Adds to Utility Evidence for CardioDx's Corus CAD Rule-out Test

April 02, 2014


A prospective study in the primary care setting found CardioDx's obstructive coronary artery disease rule-out test, Corus CAD, significantly affected physician decision-making, changing doctors' treatment strategy in more than half of the patients studied.

Gender-specific Blood Test Shows Coronary Artery Disease Risk

June 14, 2013

KABC-TV, Los Angeles, CA  

Corus CAD is the only sex-specifc diagnostic blood test for obstructive coronary artery disease that accounts for the critical biological differences between men and women. Cardiologist and Corus CAD user Dr. Alan Grossman introduces us to one of his female patients, who received the sex-specific blood test. 

CardioDx Reaches to India with Core Partnership

April 25, 2013

Fierce Medical Devices  

CardioDx has entered into an agreement granting to Core Diagnostics India the exclusive right to market and sell CardioDx’s Corus CAD diagnostic test in India. 

6 Health Tests that Could Save Your Life

February 26, 2013

Men's Fitness  

Corus CAD by CardioDx is a gene expression test that uses messenger RNA from a gene set in blood cells to determine whether or not patients have coronary artery blockages. Patients are given a simple blood test that delivers a score on a scale of one to 40. 

Use of the Corus CAD Gene Expression Test in Coronary Artery Disease

February 04, 2013

Cath Lab Digest  

talks with interventional cardiologist Daniel T. Fontenot, MD, FACC about the Corus CAD test which assesses whether or not a stable, non-diabetic patient’s symptoms are due to obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD).

CardioDx Develops New Heart Disease Test

October 23, 2012

KGO Bay Area News  

CardioDx has developed a new technology that could save thousands of patients from having unnecessary tests for heart disease. At the same time it could also help doctors pinpoint those with the highest risk.

CardioDx - 2012 Fierce 15

October 02, 2012

Fierce Medical Devices  

CardioDx was named to the 2012 Fierce 15 for Corus CAD, a blood-based gene expression test for obstructive coronary artery disease that utilizes cutting-edge science and matches it with a huge unmet need.

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